Think Like A Founder

044: Andrew Zhou - Co-Founder of Kona

September 20, 2022 Andrew Zhou Season 5 Episode 2
Think Like A Founder
044: Andrew Zhou - Co-Founder of Kona
Show Notes

On this episode of Think Like A Founder, SNP Co-Founder & CEO Maureen Taylor speaks with Andrew Zhou, Co-Founder of Kona. They talk about the distinction between remote work and working from home, the importance of giving candid feedback, and how failure, actually, is a gift.

Kona helps remote teams, fight burnout, build connections, and promote psychological safety with daily mental health checks. Andrew got a degree in Computer Science from UCLA, interned at Apple, and participated in the Techstars LA ‘20 cohort. Andrew and his co-founders recently raised $4 million in funding for Kona. 

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Series Producer: Mike Sullivan

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Production Coordinator: Natasha Thomas

Thanks also to Róisín Hunt, Selena Persiani-Shell, Jordan Bailey, Matt Johnson, Eli Shell, John Hughes, and Renn Vara.