Think Like A Founder

030: Nora Herting - Founding CEO of ImageThink

April 28, 2021 Nora Herting, Founding CEO of ImageThink Season 3 Episode 9
Think Like A Founder
030: Nora Herting - Founding CEO of ImageThink
Show Notes

On this episode of Think Like A Founder, SNP Co-Founder & CEO Maureen Taylor speaks with Nora Herting, Founding CEO of ImageThink. They talk about cave paintings, looking while leaping, and the art of problem-solving.

ImageThink is a visual strategy firm helping companies innovate through graphics and the principles of design thinking. They use a unique method based on visual theory that stimulates creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving to drive organizational transformations. Before founding ImageThink, Nora worked on a collection of 281 portraits titled Face of Brooklyn and an exhibition called Spirit, featuring photographs of cheerleaders. Since then she’s co-authored the best-selling book, Draw Your Big Idea, and created several more photographic bodies of work.

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