Think Like A Founder

039: Brad Wiatr - Co-Founder of IncentivePilot

October 22, 2021 Brad Wiatr - Co-Founder of IncentivePilot Season 4 Episode 6
Think Like A Founder
039: Brad Wiatr - Co-Founder of IncentivePilot
Show Notes

On this episode of Think Like A Founder, SNP Co-Founder & CEO Maureen Taylor speaks with Brad Wiatr, Co-Founder of IncentivePilot. They talk about experimenting with multiple startups at once, how business problems are just personal problems in disguise, and shiny object syndrome.

IncentivePilot allows sales enablement teams to focus on innovation by saving them time on logistics and replacing entire workloads. They use scientifically proven gamification mechanics to engage remote teams at scale and generate up to 300 times more ROI. Before co-founding IncentivePilot, Brad was a Partner and Director of Business Development at User10, a UX design studio creating apps and websites.

Learn more about incentive pilot on their website:

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